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Lightweight Reels

The four models in the range - the Flyweight, the Featherweight, the LRH Lightweight, and the 2010 addition Princess Reel - have been used by discerning anglers for over half a century.

Their appeal is simple. The simplicity of their looks. The simplicity of their design. Their durability and reliability. Classic reels that perform whenever you need them.

And with our new sensational range of Lightweight rods to accompany them, these reels become even more attractive.

  • Precision click-check protects light tippets
  • Anodised, high grade aluminium construction
  • Quick change spools.
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Model Code Spool CodeCapacity (m)Weight (oz/g)DiameterPrice ($)Spool Price
Flyweight H00018 H00023DT2+27 / WF3+302.75 / 762.50 / 63$225.00$79.00
Featherweight H00019 H00024DT4+40 / WF5+453.37 / 972.87 / 73$249.00$95.00
L.R.H. Lightweight H00020 H00025DT5+55 / WF6+603.62 / 1043.18 / 80$249.00$99.00
Princess H00121 H00121SDT6 + 65m 20lb Dacron WF7 + 80m 20lb Dacron3.9 / 1113.50 / 89$299.00$135.00

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