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Zenith comes top of the pack in head to head testing

The Yellowstone Angler website has gained a reputation over the last few years for thorough and comprehensive head to head 'Shoot Out' tests of fishing rods. The Yellowstone team recently conducted a thorough examination of the best five-weight rods on the market, and the Hardy Zenith 9' #5 came top of the class overall, and was named best in test for Swing Weight, Fun to Fish, 'Perfect 5' Performance, Performance at 25 Feet, Performance at 45 feet, Performance at 75 feet and Nymph Performance.

"In our last 5-weight shoot, it was just by a nose. This time it wasn't even close! The Zenith surprised us all when it swept every single performance category, blowing everyone else away!"

18 rods selected for the test were analysed under 11 categories, both subjective and objective, and points awarded for each. Great attention was paid to making the testing as unbiased as possible, for example the same reels and lines were used on each rod and all 18 rods were tested at the same time meaning the reviewers could compare them directly.

"What we were looking for were the best all around 5-weight rods - rods that could perform well in close at 25 feet but also have the power to do well at 70 feet and beyond, with the capability to throw 100 feet in the hands of an expert caster."

Yellowstone's George Anderson has a great reputation as a caster and angler in both fresh and saltwater, and has assisted in rod design for Sage, G. Loomis, and Tom Morgan Rodsmiths. He was joined in the testing by experienced anglers James Anderson Robert Kovich, and Justin Bolduc.

Comments about the Zenith included:

"What the design team has done with [SINTRIX resin] has given us one of the finest all around #5 line fly rods we've ever cast!"

"This Zenith looks to me to be an outstanding nymph fishing rod and perhaps the best we've ever tested"

"A real pleasure to cast at [45 feet] and deadly accurate - 20/20"


Read the full Reviews of the Zenith from each tester by clicking on the link below.

Or read the full 2011 5-Weight Shoot Out with contributions from George Anderson, James Anderson, Robert Kovich, and Justin Bolduc and including details of the history of the shoot out and the methodology for each of the categories used at the link below:

Yellowstone 2011 #5 Shoot Out

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Zenith reviewed by Trout & Salmon Magazine

Trout and Salmon were offered an exclusive first cast of two rods, the 8ft 5wt and 10ft 7wt, and published their conclusions in the March 2011 edition. Here's what they thought:

"The 5 wt loaded effortlessly. Lift off slowly, take it back easily and tap it forward: the rod did all the work and the line turned over beautifully. The action of this rod could be described as 'fastish', but it had enough middle to provide 'feel' and was forgiving enough to correct less-than-perfect casts. We think its a rod that almost anyone could cast well...It has the power to cast a long way (should you need to) and with impeccable accuracy.

...The handles were an excellent shape: hardy always seem to get them right. The Zeniths also have the latest titanium Recoil rings, which spring back into place if knocked."

To read the full review, download the PDF.

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Zenith in Trout Fisherman Gear Guide

Download the PDF to read the full analysis of the Zenith.

Review Thumbnail

Zenith 10' 8wt Reviewed by Trout Fisherman

Please download the attached PDF to read the full review.


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The Fly Shop's Mike Michalak on the Hardy Zenith

"Take all the hype away and the story is pretty easy to understand. The new Hardy is definitely one of the most sophisticated fly rods ever designed for fresh or saltwater. Most previous rods have had to sacrifice one of two  things. Either it was a great casting rod or a great fish fighting tool. Seldom, if ever, both. 
"There is little argument that the new Sintrix material has allowed the development of the first new generation of fly rods in more than two decades, and perhaps the finest saltwater rods ever made. The proof's in the pudding"
To read the full story of how The Fly Shop's Mike Michalak came to be a SINTRIX 'beleiver' download the PDF. 

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Hardy Zenith - Winner of the 2012 Total Fly Fisher Tackle Awards

This wonderfully light yet incredibly strong rod has made a massive impact on the UK stillwater scene.

Made with sintrix material, it offers amazing performance, with a fast action and incredible recovery - we've all fallen head over heels for it!

Irish Angler field test the Hardy Zenith 10ft 5-wt Fly Rod

If you are  a fly angler you must have heard of Hardy's Sintrix material over the last year or two. Hardy describes rods made with this material as the best they have ever made. In a nutshell, Sintrix is carbon fibre held together with a resin impregnated with silica nano spheres. The Hardy website gives all the technical information on the composition that you could want. For most of us the claim that Sintrix is 30% lighter and upto 60% stronger is what catches our attention.


Download the PDF to read the full review.

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