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Zenith Double Handed

Zenith Double Handed


Double handed Salmon rods, built with Hardy SINTRIX® 440, and with a super-fast action. Fitted with shorter Scandi-style handles and capable of dealing with a much wider range of line weight, these are the ultimate in Salmon rods.

These super fast action, double handed Zenith SINTRIX rods are manufactured using Hardy SINTRIX® 440 material which gives them an incredible strength to weight ratio.

  • SINTRIX® 440 blank (read more about SINTRIX® technology)
  • Work well with a range of lines
  • Increased strength of SINTRIX allows fish to be played quickly and firmly
  • Incredible strength to weight ratio
  • Manufactured with Hardy & Greys SINTRIX material - providing up to
  • 60% increase in compressive strength
  • High performance, fast action design
  • Top of the line Titanium recoil guides from REC and Fuji
  • Deep anodised reel fitting with carbon spacer
  • Complete with matching rod bag, Alloy rod tube, protective sleeve and stoppers

 Salmon Line Recommendations: Optimum Length and Weight

 Hardy Mach SpeyHardy Mach Multi Tip Shooting Head Short Spey Mid Spey Long Belly
12' 6" #7#7/8
38' 32G46' 36G52' 38G -
13' 6" #8#8/9
44' 38G50' 42G60' 48G -
14' #9#9/10
46' 42G54' 46G62' 50G -
15' #10#10/11#9/10 or #10/11
48' 44G54' 50G70' 56G 80' 60G

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Zenith Double Handed rod

Eoin Fairgreive finds out all about the Zenith Double handed rod from the rod’s designer, Ian Gordon. Find out how the SINTRIX technology translates into a user friendly salmon rod and improved casting performance for all abilities of spey casters.

Watch more videos on the Hardy YouTube Channel.

See more videos on the Official Hardy YouTube Channel


Model Code Length (ft / m)RatingSectionsWeight (oz / g)HandlePrice ($)
Zenith Double Handed 12'6 #7 4pc HROZEN1267W 12'6 / 3.66#747.90 / 223Mod TPSF$949
Zenith Double Handed 13'6 #8 4pc HROZEN1368W 13'6 / 3.96#848.90 / 252Mod TPSF$999
Zenith Double Handed 14'6 #9 4pc HROZEN1469W 14'6 / 4.42#949.52 / 270Mod TPSF$1049.00
Zenith Double Handed 15'1 #10 4pc HROZEN1510W 15'1 / 4.57#10410.76 / 305Mod TPSF$1099.00


Casting the Zenith was like turning up with a gun to a knife fight! It has left a big impression on me: It's seriously powerful and capable - in the right hands - of staggering line speed.

Zenith in Trout & Salmon magazines "Which 14 footer?" Review


"Wow! Nothing I've ever used even comes close to this! There's no doubt in my mind; many people in future will catch record fish to this material... and the unique ability of the Zenith to cast such a wide range of lines opens up all sorts of fishing situations." 

Ian Gordon

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