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Now with an updated reel seat design, the award-winning Zenith continues to be one of the most talked about rods in the world, and with 19 models in the range there's a Zenith for every fishing situation. Of course you don't need another fly rod, but this is not another fly rod...

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The Zenith series of rods uses the amazing properties of Hardy & Greys SINTRIX® 440 material in an ultra-advanced, four-section design to produce a range of rods that are user-friendly yet high performance.

SINTRIX rods have an incredible strength to weight ratio and come fitted with titanium line guide and deep anodised reel fittings.

Nineteen rods in sizes from an 8ft 3 weight to 10ft 8 weight.

  • SINTRIX® 440 (read more about SINTRIX® technology)
  • Incredible strength to weight ratio.
  • High performance, fast action design.
  • Top of the line Titanium guides from REC and Fuji.
  • Deep anodised reel fitting
  • Maple burlwood spacer on RHW models; carbon spacer on FW+EH models

Recommended Reel: Ultralite DD or Ultralite CC

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Hardy Brand Manager, Howard Croston introduces the Hardy Zenith series of rods.

See more video at the Hardy Fishing YouTube Channel


Model Code Length (ft / m)RatingSectionsWeight (oz / g)HandlePrice (£)
Zenith 8' #4 HROZEN804W 8 / 2.44#442.54 / 72RHW£499.00
Zenith 8'6 #5 HROZEN865W 8'6 / 2.59# 542.7 / 77RHW£529.00
Zenith 9' #3 HROZEN903W 9 / 2.74#342.93 / 83RHW£549.00
Zenith 9' #4 HROZEN904W 9 / 2.74#442.8 / 81RHW£549.00
Zenith 9' #5 HROZEN905W 9 / 2.74#542.9/84RHW£549.00
Zenith 9' #6 HROZEN906W 9 / 2.74#642.9 / 84RHW£549.00
Zenith 9' #7 HROZEN907W 9 / 2.74# 743.24 / 92FW + EH£599.00
Zenith 9' #8 HROZEN908W 9 / 2.74#843.42 / 97FW + EH£599.00
Zenith 9'6 #6 HROZEN966W 9'6 / 2.89#643.2 / 91FW+EH£599.00
Zenith 9'6 #7 HROZEN967W 9'6 / 2.89#743.4 / 99FW+EH£599.00
Zenith 9'6 #8 HROZEN968W 9'6 / 2.89#843.3 / 94FW+EH£599.00
Zenith 10' #3 HROZEN103W 10 / 3.05#343.10 / 88RHW£649.00
Zenith 10' #4 HROZEN104W 10 / 3.05#443.25 / 92RHW£649.00
Zenith 10' #5 HROZEN105W 10 / 3.05#543.25 / 92RHW£649.00
Zenith 10' #6 HROZEN106W 10 /3.05#643.3 / 96FW+EH£649.00
Zenith 10' #7 HROZEN107W 10 / 3.05#743.5/100FW+EH£649.00
Zenith 10' #8 HROZEN108W 10 / 3.05#843.5/102FW+EH£649.00


This wonderfully light yet incredibly strong rod has made a massive impact on the UK stillwater scene.

Made with sintrix material, it offers amazing performance, with a fast action and incredible recovery - we've all fallen head over heels for it!

Hardy Zenith - Winner of the 2012 Total Fly Fisher Tackle Awards

Look back at the shark being fought on the 7-wt and have complete confidence that the 5-wt can handle anything that a trout can put it through.

Irish Angler field test the Hardy Zenith 10ft 5-wt Fly Rod

Take all the hype away and the story is pretty easy to understand. The new Hardy is definitely one of the most sophisticated fly rods ever designed for fresh or saltwater. Most previous rods have had to sacrifice one of two  things. Either it was a great casting rod or a great fish fighting tool. Seldom, if ever, both. 
"There is little argument that the new Sintrix material has allowed the development of the first new generation of fly rods in more than two decades, and perhaps the finest saltwater rods ever made. The proof's in the pudding

The Fly Shop's Mike Michalak on the Hardy Zenith

It's not often that I come across a stillwater rod that ticks ALL the boxes but this Zenith certainly does. It would easily transfer from the reservoir boat to the bank and moreover cover single-handed salmon and sea trout work. A truly great rod and if I was looking for the perfect fly rod for competition fishing this would be it!

Zenith 10' 8wt Reviewed by Trout Fisherman

In our last 5-weight shoot, it was just by a nose. This time it wasn't even close! The Zenith surprised us all when it swept every single performance category, blowing everyone else away!

Zenith comes top of the pack in head to head testing

The way the blank compresses is quite extraordinary and visually heart stopping

Zenith in Trout Fisherman Gear Guide

Will Zenith rods improve your casting? There's a good chance, we think.

Zenith reviewed by Trout & Salmon Magazine


"In my nine years of guiding in Oregon, I have never had a rod garner such praise from my clients as the Hardy Zenith 9'6wt. "Light weight" and "easy to cast" are the most common comments. In fact, my novice anglers are casting better with this rod, preferring and requesting it over other rods I keep in the boat. I'm seeing longer distances and greater accuracy with less effort in all weather conditions. As any guide knows, having anglers who can lay out a competent cast can make the difference between a good day and a great one. The Hardy Zenith is making a big difference for many of my clients and more than a few of them have expressed a real desire to own one. Thank you Hardy for producing such a great rod and making my job as a guide easier."

Craig Schuhmann, guide and owner of Guided Waters Fly Fishing in Klamath Falls, Oregon, on the Hardy Zenith 9' 6wt

"My Zenith 9.6ft 6# is the best rod I have ever owned. It is so easy to cast, its real pleasure to use. The feel and interaction when hooking a trout and playing the fish is sublime. A fantastic rod."

Jim Magosfalvi, Hardy Customer

"I bought a 10ft 8wt Zenith - what a rod! I have used it for long distance reservoir work and find I am casting extreme distances with no sense of effort. I have used it for dry fly work with no break offs landing rainbows to 4lbs. Last week salmon fishing on the Stinchar, I needed to be able to slide the fly under the trees to cover certain lies so I used the Zenith and landed a 12lb salmon with no more fuss than with my 15ft rod!"

Doug Oliver, Hardy Customer

"The Zenith is a pure pleasure to use - it is so light! I am looking forward to many years of pleasure and time spent fishing. Well done Hardy."

Hardy Customer

"Have tried hard to break the double handed prototype versions of this with slack line casting, windy conditions, heavy sunk lines. Even given them to the worst rod breakers I know, all of whom have the "rod breaking trait" in their casting style, and as yet all are intact. Have caught small fish but looking forward to testing this on a big one."

Ian Gordon - AAPGAI instructor and renowned Spey caster

"I have fished the SINTRIX prototype rods exclusively for three weeks and they are the finest rods I have ever fished. There is only one problem. Now I have to buy a new set of fly rods!"

Thayne Morgan - Word Cup Tarpon Champion 2010

"The 6wt Zenith is a cracker. A very easy casting fishing rod. Light and conservative looking. Tried the #9 Proaxis too - that'll make a v. nice pike rod."

Will Shaw, via Facebook

"I have never cast with anything as good, congratulations on a superb rod. The only problem now is all other rods will pale into insignificance when compared next to it"

John Coleman, Hardy Customer

"A magnificent rod which is effortless to use. I was fishing at Curragh Springs in Ireland and caught a 10lb Rainbow - the rod handled it with ease and it was caught casting into a 38 Knot wind"

Alan Bennet, Hardy customer

"I have used the Zenith 9' #5 in all manner of conditions on a local stillwater. I am pleased to be able to tell you that the rod has met all my expectations. The action is faultless, I love the small, single leg snake rings and the performance exceeds that of just about any other 5 weight fly rod."

Peter Sutton, Hardy Customer

Hardy Zenith - A week or so ago I received a Hardy Zenith 10′ for a #7. Typical of most professional anglers, I have the best of tackle and holes in my shirts - c'est la vie! I must say that it is a very pretty rod, immaculately finished and sublimely packaged. In the hand, although it is as light as a feather, you instantly feel the power, and I found that it added a good 10 yards to my casting range - and long distance casting has never been my forte. Its a wolf masquerading as a fluffy lamb and I can see that this style of rod is definitely the future.

Stan Headley - angling guide and blogger

"I recently purchased a 9ft 6 # 6 Zenith Sintrix rod; I would like to say it is the finest rod I have ever owned I cannot be parted from it. It casts with the minimum of effort and is so light to use it is wonderful."

Graham Hicks, UK

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